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  • Couldn't be happier, great service and genuine care. Very impressed

    - Sam Chebib
  • Dr. Copple was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very honest about my treatment throughout my time receiving services. The treatment received made a tremendous difference to help me get back to feeling 100%. Overall great services provided!!

    - Nate Sims
  • Dr.Copple is awesome! Very down to earth and a genuine character. I enjoy the conversations and I always learn something new every visit. And he also adjusted my broken rib. Back in the gym going strong!

    - Danny Balboa
  • Excellent work by Dr. Copple. I could barely move my neck before I saw him, but after one painless adjustment, I had immense relief. A+

    - Paul McMillin
  • Great place to get adjusted! Can't ask for better service and friendlier company! I used to get alot of lower back pains because of my office job and driving my car the whole time. However, when I got adjusted here, my pains were gone within the first two weeks, with no change in habits at work or in driving! I highly recommend this place! Top quality work!

    Show More - Omar Elsayed
  • Doctor Copple helped my carpal tunnel. He restored function to my hands.

    - Jon Smail
  • Was in Dearborn on a business trip and needed a quick fix. The reviews were all five stars, so I tried the clinic, best decision I made on the whole trip. Dr Copple was very caring and listened to all my complaints. His treatment was execellent and I felt better on the first visit. I would highly recommend Dr Copple!

    Show More - Ali Elahi
  • Dr. Copple is an excellent Chiropractor and took great care of me. He was able to explain to me what was going on in my body and was able to explain all his procedures. He is truly a professoinal and will definitely take care of you. I would highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a Chiropractor

    Show More - Hasan Khan
  • I am a 60 year old male and am an above the knee amputee. I am confined to a wheelchair a major portion of the day. As such I have lost a lot of my range of motion and have many aches and pains! I have been seeing Dr. Copple for adjustments. he has helped me very much, and I am now able to do things pain free that i have not been able to do in years! Dr. Copple is very skilled as a chiropractor. He really listens to me and this interactive approach has been key in my progress. He has develop

    Show More - Ralph Breger
  • Dr. Copple is a great Chiropractor. He's very personable and really wants to help his patients. Dr. Copple goes above and beyond expectations.

    - M danger P
  • Dr. Copple is the best hand's down. ... I have a number of problems in my back neck and hips and he works on them all .... he has gotten me a pain free body all with chiropractic care. .... he's the best in the metro area give him a call today and book your appointment you won't regret it

    - Daniel Edgerton
  • I had lot of problems with my upper & lower pack and neck which has been troubling me for years. Dr. Copple is a very skilled Chiropractor, he listens very patiently to all our problems - he gave me an insight as to what was wrong and why I was suffering and also what would help me to get better. There is a lot of relief from my pains with few sessions with him and feeling a lot better than how I used to feel before. I strongly recommend Dr. Copple and Copple Chiropractic for the skilled person

    Show More - Manju Naveen
  • The doctor was very professional and very personable. When I went in, I couldn't turn my head all the way to one side. When I left I could move my head freely without pain or tightness. I highly recommend Copple Chiropractic

    - Venus Love
  • By far the best chiropractic experience I have had in a long time! Very professional.

    - Jenny Smail
  • Dr Copple does wonders ... felt like a new man! I was a bit hesitant at first but he quickly put me at ease with his educational, professional and passionate approach to his craft. I wouldn't dare go to anybody else!

    - Richard Carrier
  • If you're looking for skilled Chiropractor that can back up what he's saying with actions, I definitely recommend Copple. Nothing less than excellent service!!!

    - ZipCold
  • Patient. Listened before acting. No high pressure tactics. Simply made me feel better.

    - Michael Humphries
  • If you're going to get an adjustment from Dr. Copple expect a 5*****Star total overall experience

    - D Yeezy
  • Very professional and friendly faculty. Dr. Copple really helped me with my neck pain which I suffered for a long time!!! Strongly recommend this place:)

    - Jackie Lin
  • A very good doc, nice person and really helpful.

    - Zhenpei Ding
  • He is a nice person.

    - lin zefang
  • Good Service, quick in & out.

    - Christopher Paulsen

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