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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Help in MI

Have you been in an accident, or did you hurt yourself at work? Does your job require long screen times, or did you sleep on a bad pillow? Maybe you've been dealing with neck pain for weeks, months, or even years and have no idea why it keeps happening.


The Copple Chiropractic team in the Dearborn, MI, area can help you relieve the pain, find ways to avoid making it worse and find permanent solutions to keeping chronic neck pain away. If you're not sure where the neck pain problems came from in the first place, chiropractic care can help you track down the issue.

How Can a Chiropractor Near Me Fix My Neck Pain?

Chiropractors provide spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle consultation, including diet and exercise planning.

Do you already have a nutritionist, an existing workout plan, a primary doctor, or a sports medicine professional? If you need a second opinion or want to explore all of your options, chiropractors don't step on the toes of other professionals; their analysis considers the whole body and can start from scratch.

From there, you can compare results or ask any medical professional to consider the chiropractor's findings in the treatment of your neck pain.

Is Chiropractic Care Affordable?

Medical care isn't cheap. Chiropractic services are an affordable and efficient way to get help with pain and mobility issues. People who need financial help can still get the medical care everyone deserves.

A chiropractor can look at your neck pain issues and the recommendations from other professionals and suggest alternate, less costly treatments if appropriate.

If your main concern is the cost, don't avoid medical simply because you think you can't afford it. There's a support program, cost coverage, or better option somewhere, even without insurance. It's all about getting qualified.

A chiropractor can also help you with the necessary insurance and benefit paperwork.

Copple Chiropractic Is Ready to Help!

Take care of your neck pain issues early while it's more affordable and less intrusive. If you need a chiropractor in Dearborn or the surrounding area, contact Copple Chiropractic today at (734) 674-1830. We're happy to discuss your symptoms and treatment options, as well as any financial or paperwork issues you may have.

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