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Neck Pain FAQs

Whether your neck pain is the result of a minor mishap, sports accident, or a rear-end auto collision, you can find pain relief through chiropractic care. Dr. Copple and our team at Copple Chiropractic in Dearborn have gathered some of the questions that we run into regarding neck pain and how we can help.


What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can be the result of an acute injury like whiplash, due to poor posture (text neck), chronic conditions, age-related wear and tear, or a pinched nerve. If you play sports, there is the risk of injuring your neck on the sports field. A rear-end collision could result in whiplash, which is a neck injury characterized by neck pain, stiffness, inflammation, and loss of mobility.

What other symptoms are associated with neck pain?

Depending on the cause of your neck pain, you may experience muscle or joint stiffness, inflammation, a burning or tingling sensation in your neck, a dull ache, numbness, loss of range of motion, and limited mobility. You may have a hard time moving your neck without feeling pain, which can make it hard to perform daily tasks or even sleep.

When should I see a chiropractor for neck pain?

If neck pain is disrupting your life, it is time to seek chiropractic care. Our chiropractor in Dearborn will evaluate your condition, pinpoint the source of your pain, and outline a treatment plan. Pain that comes and goes but returns progressively worse should be checked by our chiropractor. You should also schedule a consultation if you are experiencing arm numbness or weakness along with your pain since this could be a sign of a more serious condition.

How can chiropractic care help with neck pain?

Neck pain caused by an injury could be due to misaligned bones or joints in your cervical spine. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, we can ease these structures back into their proper position to relieve pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Massage and therapeutic stretches are also viable treatments for neck pain. Massage and stretches help soothe muscle tension to relieve pain and restore your range of motion and mobility.

How can I prevent neck pain?

If your pain is caused by poor posture or bad ergonomics at work, changing these aspects of your life can prevent future incidents with neck pain. Living a lifestyle that improves your overall health and fitness is also a good way of keeping neck and other musculoskeletal pain at bay.

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