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Sports Performance - The spine contains 28 different bones consisting of the spinal vertebra, sacrum, and pelvic bones. For optimal performance all 28 bones should be independently moving. When these bones are not independently moving this will decrease sports performance, increases the chance of injury, and leads to pain.

Sports Injuries - Some of the most common sports injuries include sprains, knee injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and tennis elbow. Many of these injuries are the result of accidents, poor training practices, improper technique, and lack of proper program design.

Low Back Pain - Low back pain affects millions a year and is caused by an injury to a muscle, ligament, nerve, bone, disc, or tendon of the lumbar spine. Common causes of low back pain are poor posture, lack of exercise, improper lifting, herniated disc, and arthritis.

Sciatica - Pain that radiates along the sciatica nerve. The sciatica nerve runs down the back of the buttocks into the legs. Pain typically is felt in the low back and travels into the buttocks and down the posterior or lateral leg into the foot.

Neck Pain - Neck pain can be primarily in the neck or can radiate down into your shoulders or into the hands. Neck problems can be a leading factor in the causation of migraine headaches. Neck pain can be due to several factors such as bone or joint anomalies, trauma, poor posture, degenerative disease, muscle strains and sprains.

Whiplash - Whiplash occurs when a person's head moves backward and then forward very suddenly with great force most commonly due to a rear end collision. Whiplash injuries can also be the result of sports injuries, amusement park rides, and any activity that caused the head to violently jerk backwards. Whiplash injuries can cause neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and agitation.

Arthritis - Arthritis affects millions a year with more then 100 different types. Arthritis is a joint disease that causes swelling, stiffness, decreased range of motion and pain in the affected joints. Arthritis can affect both the young and aged population and is caused by wear and tear to the joint. Your risk for arthritis can be increased due to inherited family genes, increased age, previous joint injury, and obesity.

Scoliosis - Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. Scoliosis occurs most commonly during the growth spurt just before puberty. Most cases of scoliosis are mild but severe cases of scoliosis can be disabling. A severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space with the chest making it difficult to breath and can cause severe back pain.

Stress - When you feel threatened your nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones. These hormones increase heart rate, tighten muscles, increase blood pressure, increase breathing, and heighten the senses to increase focus. These physical changes increase your strength, stamina, speed reaction time, and enhance focus. However, when you repeatable experience the stress response in you daily life, it can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack, increase the risk of stroke, speed up the aging process, cause aches, cause pains, cause mental and emotional problems.

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