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Sciatica is a common condition caused by excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve. Although this is a serious condition, it does not have to be a long-term ailment you live with. If you notice symptoms of sciatica, you may find yourself searching for a "chiropractor near me" or "chiropractic care near me." At Copple Chiropractic in Dearborn, our chiropractor offers various non-invasive techniques to naturally alleviate your symptoms and prevent them from reoccurring. Here are common symptoms of sciatica to look out for.

Burning or Shooting Pain

Burning pain that feels like it is shooting down one of your legs can be the first sign that something is wrong. Often, this is the result of sciatic nerve pain.

Low Back Pain

Aching or sharp lower back pain may also be a sign that you are dealing with sciatic pain. This pain may be prominent even if you are sitting still.

Painful Movements

Does it hurt to move? Perhaps you feel a sharp pain when you stand or when you try to put pressure on your legs. This is a sign you may have sciatica.

Leg Numbness or Tingling

Many people with sciatic pain also complain about numbness or tingling in the limbs. If you feel like your muscles are falling asleep often, sciatic pain could be the cause.

Muscle Weakness

you may also notice that your muscles are weaker. As a result, it may feel like your legs or hips are very weak, making it challenging to walk without experiencing discomfort or searing pain.

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